Egyptian Philosophy Of The Pyramids

Why Did The Egyptians Build Pyramids?

The ancient Egyptians believed in life after death, they preserved the bodies of the dead by mummification. Members of the royal family were kept in the pyramids which were actually grand graves made for the pharaohs. Scientists have found mummies in many pyramids. The Egyptian empire arose 5000 years ago when the first pharaoh united the people in the south and the north. The pyramids and the temple of Abu Simbel, which have already been converted once, witness the highly advance civilization of the Egyptians.

How Were The Pyramids Built?

The pyramids are massive graves built by the pharaohs. They wanted to make sure that they were indestructible. Everything was planned keeping that in mind. They got rocks weighing 2500 kg from quarries. More than two million rocks were needed for the building the pyramids of the Cheops. About 4000-8000 labourers worked constantly at the construction site. Around the pyramid was a ramp, on which the stones were carried upwards on a kind of sledge. If the king died, food, clothes, furniture, and small servant figures were laid besides him for his life after death. Since robbers looted the graves, the Pharaohs got themselves buried deep in a rock after about 1550 BC in the valley of the kings.

Who Were The Pharaohs?

TheĀ  “Pharaoh” comes from per aa meaning “large house”. The Egyptians rulers were were called pharaohs from about 1500 BC. The pharaoh was worshiped like a God. He was the topmost judge and supreme commander of the people. One of the most famous Pharaohs was Ramses II. He built the temple of Abu Simbel in order to show his power in the southern part of the country. The pharaoh Cheops built the great pyramids of Giza. Almost all graves have been robbed by the treasure seekers. The grave of the young ruler Tutankahmen, discovered in 1922, was the only grave archaeologists foundĀ golden grave furnishing.

What Is A Mummy

The Egyptians believed in life after death, the soul would wander in the world. For this reason, the dead body must be maintained. This was done by the process of mummification. Embalmers took out the internal organs and dried the body. They then made the skin flexible by applying oil and gave back the body its shape by filling it with sawdust and winding it with linen straps. Only the pharaohs and the rich could afford this. All the others were buried in the dessert.

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