Plato : Theory Of Forms

Ideal Forms Asking one’s self and others what the perfect version of something is the ideal version might sound like a strange idea What is the perfect marriage? or career?  system of government? or school? It can feel immature and naïve to bother much with such questions they’re just daydreams. After all: who cares about […]

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Berkeley’s Idealism

About Berkeley was an Irish philosopher with some pretty interesting ideas that are worth revisiting now. Berkeley thought that the world and everything in it only exists when somebody is observing it. When we stop looking at something it no longer exists. This theory is called Idealism. Not to be confused with “being an idealist,” […]

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Allegory Of The Cave

What is reality, knowledge, the meaning of life? Big topics you might tackle figuratively explaining existence as a journey down a road or across an ocean, a climb, a war, a book, a thread, a game, a window of opportunity, or an all-too-short-lived flicker of flame. 2,400 years ago, one of history’s famous thinkers said […]

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