How To Cure Aging

          Health is the most valuable thing we have in life, but we tend to forget that until we lose it. We’re living longer than ever before, which is great, but an unforeseen consequence of this is that we also spend a larger and larger portion of our lives being sick. […]

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How To Detect A Supernova

Supernova Just now, somewhere in the universe, a star exploded. There goes another one. In fact, a supernova occurs every second  or so in the observable universe, and there is one on average every 25 to 50 years in a galaxy the size and age of the Milky Way. Yet we’ve never actually been able […]

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Atheism In The Bible Belt

Joe Mercaldo Have you ever been there? Do we all start out that way? I mean it’s like in school when you’re asked to take a test, where you circle the correct answer: Are you going to pick A, B or C? It has to be one and everyone is only going to choose one, […]

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Plato : Theory Of Forms

Ideal Forms Asking one’s self and others what the perfect version of something is the ideal version might sound like a strange idea What is the perfect marriage? or career?  system of government? or school? It can feel immature and naïve to bother much with such questions they’re just daydreams. After all: who cares about […]

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What If Time Stopped?

Changes From Doctor Who to Rick and Morty to Star Trek to The Twilight Zone and many, many others, we have lots of stories about time standing still. But does that idea actually make sense, and what would it be like if it did? There seems to be an intimate connection between time and change. […]

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Religion Vs Atheism

Religion There’s a popular idea that religion is about believing certain things to be true. If you read a lot of atheist writers actually, they’ll often talk about whether the central claims of religion are true and make sense, and apologists will argue back that do. And that is absolutely valid and valuable discussion: believing […]

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Egyptian Philosophy Of The Pyramids

Why Did The Egyptians Build Pyramids? The ancient Egyptians believed in life after death, they preserved the bodies of the dead by mummification. Members of the royal family were kept in the pyramids which were actually grand graves made for the pharaohs. Scientists have found mummies in many pyramids. The Egyptian empire arose 5000 years […]

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Allegory Of The Cave

What is reality, knowledge, the meaning of life? Big topics you might tackle figuratively explaining existence as a journey down a road or across an ocean, a climb, a war, a book, a thread, a game, a window of opportunity, or an all-too-short-lived flicker of flame. 2,400 years ago, one of history’s famous thinkers said […]

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Collaboration Behind The ISS

Have you ever been gazing at a starry sky when suddenly a bright dot glided into view?If it wasn’t blinking, then you’ve had the distinct pleasure of seeing one of mankind’s greatest collaborative feats with your own eyes: The International Space Station. Roughly the size of six-bedroom house, and weighing more than 320 cars, the […]

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Is Karma Real?

The doctrine of karma is not the same as the doctrine of pre-destination of the Christian theology. Karma is, in a sense, fate, self-caused inevitability, not pre-destination, for within the limits given, and these limits constitute the karma inherited from the previous births, a man is free. This karma is not ‘fate’ because all the […]

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Free Will Vs Divine Will

European philosophy and theology have been much exercised on the subject of ‘free will’,  whereas the Hindu tradition has considered this subject as of minor importance. The explanation for this lies in the analytical understanding of the concept by both the traditions.  In European  thought, an individual is conceived of as a permanent fixed entity, basically […]

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Why Is NASA Interested In Psyche

Somewhere between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter, about 500 million kilometers away from Earth, floats a metallic orb the size of Massachusetts. That’s no moon…it’s 16 Psyche, one of the most massive asteroids in the solar system. And it is the asteroid our droids are looking for. We humans have managed to send robotic […]

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Who Am I?

Throughout the history of mankind, three little words have sent poets to the blank page, philosophers to the Agora, and seekers to the oracles: “Who am I?” From the ancient Greek aphorism inscribed on the Temple of Apollo,”Know thyself,” to The Who’s rock anthem, “Who Are You?” philosophers, psychologists, academics, scientists, artists, theologians and politicians […]

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How Do You Know You Exist?

How do you know you’re real? It’s an obvious question until you try to answer it, but let’s take it seriously. How do you really know you exist? In his “Meditations on First Philosophy,” René Descartes tried to answer that very question, demolishing all his preconceived notions and opinions to begin again from the foundations. […]

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What Is Philosophy For?

From a distance philosophy seems a bit weird, irrelevant, boring and yet also just a little intriguing. But What are philosophers really for? The answer is handily already contained  in the word philosophy itself. In Ancient Greek “Philo” means love and “Sophia” means Wisdom. Philosophers are the people devoted to wisdom, Being wise means attempting […]

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Top 10 Mysterious Books Of All Time

So throughout the course of history over 130 million books have been published, so obviously humans have a thirst for knowledge. And when you think of books, what do you think of? Harry Potter, The Alchemist, the Bible, maybe?Well, what about books that replicate themselves or predict the future? Well today I’m going to show […]

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